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John Parsamyan is an Army Veteran, who is as selfless as they come. He is the owner of Armed Services Auto Body, which is so much more than a body shop here in the Antelope Valley.
John employs, trains, and offers a safe haven for all types of veterans. John is also the Vice President of Vets 4 Veterans, actively involved in the community, and hosts food distributions for our local veterans. Due to some unforeseen, and albeit, unkind circumstances, John is unable to continue his business and veteran training project at its current location. A man who gives so much to his community now needs our help to get to a new location where he can continue to change lives.
“After I came out of the military in 2002, I bounced around for over 10 years trying to figure out what I wanted to do and how I would support my family. I jumped around from Physical Therapy school to personal training to appraising cars to autobody. Luckily, I had a family that became my support system and created that foundation for me to anchor down and have something to carry me through during those dark times. Today, I still…
I know how it feels, I know what us veterans go through and how hard it is to look forward to another day. Veterans have a hard time readjusting after they are done with their military service. A lot of veterans come out and don’t get offered anything more than a minimum wage job.

I wanted to create this buffer program where I gave my fellow brother or sister the opportunity to transition in a positive way with support and help set them up for success. I wanted to help build their confidence where they say “I can handle this!”, “I can do this!”

I know how difficult it is to create that transition from a military lifestyle to the civilian lifestyle. I also know that when you put veterans in the right place with the right tools and support, they CAN DO ANYTHING!
My passion is to offer veterans a safe place where they can learn skills needed to transition into jobs where they feel that they can be productive. I want to help them learn to trust themselves again and believe that they have worth and are valuable to society. I want them to know that they can once again be in charge of their future and change their lives around by being productive individuals.

This is my passion, it comes from the heart and I’m here to make a difference. It starts with one…I want to be the change I want to see in the world!

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