We Believe

In A Strong Community

Armed Services Auto Body believes our community and community partners can work together to make the Antelope Valley a better place to live. We work closely with our local business vendors, first responders, community leaders that also see the value in giving back to our community. See some of our community projects.

Our Veteran Program

Our training site will help some of our veterans get technical skills to obtain employment in the aviation industry, such as using air tools, power tools, disassembly and assembly of vehicles, welding, and becoming a certified painter.
Our veteran training program will certify veterans to be able to:
  • How to use an air spray-gun to apply PPG Manufactured paint to paint on aluminum and fiberglass which will mimic painting the F35
  • Machinist class who would be certified in making aluminum micro parts for the aviation industry.
  • Boeing certified aluminum spot welder.
  • We are in communication with numerous professionals in those specific industries who will be holding the trainings, many of which are veterans themselves

Additional Community Programs

Car Care Class

Basic vehicle knowledge and maintenance we feel passionate about sharing our knowledge with our community, we believe that everyone can be knowledgeable about their vehicles…this class will cover the basics of how to care for your car and what to do in case of an accident.

It benefits everyone in the community including our younger generation that is starting to drive. This class was inspired by a member of an organization asking if we would be willing to offer information about car maintenance to a group of youth, we created a class geared towards their needs and also have started a general class for anyone who might be interested in basic car care.

Food Giveaway

When going outside to buy essentials became an issue, we saw how our community especially our veteran community faced obstacles. We saw the need for humanity to step in and help others a step further for those who would compromise their health to just simply go buy food.

We partnered with Vets 4 Veterans, One Love Food Ministry, and AV News Crew to offer a location for our veterans to either stop by to get groceries or request deliveries to their residence, we have been and continue to make home deliveries for anyone who is unable to stop by our site.

Monthly Food Drive

Armed Services Auto Body is working with Vets 4 Veterans, One Love Food Ministry, AV News Crew, Chick-Fil-A, and Bombshell Betty’s to provide food giveaway for veterans and their families once a month, especially during these difficult times.